½ Star

October 29, 2013
Jonas S.

New place, my first time. The whole room had a real creepy vibe. It was totally freezing. They give you a free blanket when you arrive, but it does nothing.


Before you even get started, the staff are strangely pushy about personal information. First they measured my length and weight. Is this somehow supposed to encourage me to eat?


And then, when you finally do start eating, the staff all watch. One guy in particular was right up in my grill, taking pictures, making silly noises. I would have kicked that camera right out of his hands, if my brain had been fully capable of processing visual information and/or controlling fine motor skills. Makes you miss the days of eating alone through a cord.


Overall, not really my thing. But the milk was good.





3 Stars

October 30, 2013
Jonas S.

I’ve been assured by the Hostess (Maître d’? Owner? Not good with names or faces but I am getting better at grabbing fingers ) that the restaurant will be changing locations soon. It’s about time. The curtains here make you want to cry.


And so I did for five hours.


Read the rest at the Bygone Bureau.


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